Tips That Should Be Kept In Mind When Playing Homescapes

Tips that should be kept in mind when playing Homescapes

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Homescapes is a simulation game from the house of Playrix; it is a match 3 slash simulation builder game. The game came into the market following each and everything the game Gardenscapes has in it. Homescapes is a game where it puts all the players in charge of the house which is dilapidated, and they need to renovate the house by accomplishing the tasks in match 3 puzzle stages. The game revolves around a story where our dear friend Austin is against his parents’ decision to sell their house, and he is full of ideas to renovate the house so that he can stop his parents from selling his childhood home. If you have ever played the game Gardenscapes, then there will be many things which you will find familiar in this game. The core of both the games is completely same. You will only find some different types of obstacles and power-ups in this game. You may be completely a newcomer in this scape series or a veteran who is stuck in a very tough part of the game, but the tips and strategies which are provided underneath would help both the types of players.

Homescapes tips that you should know

Given below are few Homescapes hacks that you should be aware of.

It is a match 3 game based on multiple levels. The other match 3 games allow you to play the last stages, but in Homescapes only the present level is available for playing all the time. You will earn a star and go to the next level once you complete the level. Austin needs those stars to renovate his parents’ home and keep continuity in the story. You will be given tasks like fix the stairs and put up the wallpapers and homescapes review to do these tasks you need stars. And this is how you have to spend the stars you have earned from the match 3 levels. You can also just play the match 3 levels and never spend the stars for the requests made by Austin but the game is all about the renovation of the house, and a big part of the fun goes out of the window if you just keep on playing the match 3 levels and don’t spend on the renovation of the house.

In Gardenscapes you can power up if you can match more than three tiles in a single attempt which you can use it in the later part of the game. But in this game, the special power-ups are of different types, like the Rocket. You get a rocket with which you can match four tiles in a row or column and by this power you can fire across the screen and remove all the tiles present in that row or column. You get a bomb if you can match five tiles present in the shape of L. This will help you to blow up all the tiles present in the two square radii. Bomb explodes in a circle, so bursting it at the edge of the board will waste some of your power.

As soon as you understand the Homescapes cheats, you will progress in the game. This game is Homescapes Hack known to arouse the interest of the players and keep them engaged for a very long time.